Dr. Nerdlove is peddling his fallacious theory of Toxic Masculinity in re Elliot Rodgers

A response to this:


This article is plain ignorant. Dr Nerdlove is peddling his pet theory of Toxic Masculinity, but his solutions are unworkable. His Utopia can not be brought about.

One, sex is a biological urge and need for men. Two, one can not, through a change of culture, prevent the alphas from teasing the incel guys with how much pussy they are banging. They will laugh at all your attempts at this. The sexual market place is a public competition. It’s not possible to convince the people who are winning to stop bragging about being the winners. They are the least persuadable. All the other men will be trying to get the same.

Elliot was in a world, in which everyone around him was having what he was STARVING for. He was told how wonderful sex is. He dreamed about it. He could not understand, how and why he is being excluded from this Paradise of Sex. He asked for answers. So his desperation and hate grew and he became Evil. A Luciferian Fallen one. Isn’t this the oldest story?

Is there a solution? Yes. Legalization and destigmatization of sex work. The irony here would be that it would put the Manosphere on the side of Belle Knox and other sex positive feminists…


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